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There are many reasons why people seek therapy or professional mental health services, and yours are valid too! Together, we can practice the tools you’re searching for, in a safe, comfortable, confidential setting, where you can express how you feel, review how you think, and grow, personally. A place to…

…Feel, Think, and Grow

We work together using Telehealth from the comfort of your home, a one-day seminar to gain relationship skills, and more… make your wellbeing a priority, and start now!


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What clients say:

“My son has more success interacting daily with others”

Mother of a 10 year old

“Counseling helped me with my depression and every time I come it keeps me strong”

46 year old

“Thanks for helping me get better and knowing myself more. Now I know that I am worth it. I don’t have doubts about myself anymore”

22 year old

“You’ve helped us both grow and find out way! Thank you for seeing my baby for who she really is”

Mother of 7 year old client

“Working with you was a journey of self-improvement…I appreciate what you’ve helped me work through”

18 year old

“Thank you Maribel, your work is having a great impact in my daughter’s life.”

Mother of a 25 year old

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nbcc Board Certified NCC