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    Counseling for children, teens, adults, and couples

    Our commitment to our clients is to provide empathic and effective treatment modalities to address our clients’ needs. Starting counseling is an investment in your well-being, therefore, we strive to ensure you have a positive counseling experience. Difficult experiences in childhood and thereafter contribute to reinforcing beliefs, making us feel “stuck”. Together, we will develop strategies to shed old beliefs, gain coping skills, and build on your strengths, to increase your satisfaction in yourself and in your relationships.

    We offer research-based, innovating approaches to work together!

    Minds In Action Counseling helps clients by working through a variety of issues during individual counseling. Some of the common areas of treatment are stress, relationship issues, family conflict, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and isolation. Other issues we treat are childhood wounds, and trauma and abuse, and these areas merit a deeper dive in the way to heal, cope, and increase satisfaction and continued growth.

    Some of our treatment modalities in treating kids, teens, adults, and couples include talk-therapy, EMDR, Biofeedback, and more. Please explore our services; we hope we can help you meet your goals.

    Ready to start your journey?