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  • Bradley Hutchinson

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    Bradley Hutchinson
    Master’s Level Intern

    Master’s Degree Level Intern, Adult Therapist

    Supervised by Maribel Corona LPC-S

    Email: [email protected]

    Bradley’s Session Rate: $40/50-55 minutes. Intake session: $50 See rates

    Bradley aims to facilitate an environment in which the client feels free to be their authentic self, and primarily utilizes a cognitive behavioral and humanistic approach to therapy. His internship experience will be comprised of developing his counseling skills under direct supervision, and will help him progress towards achieving his professional and educational goals. Bradley is an active listener who leads with empathy and a non-judgmental stance. With our fundamental need for human connection, it’s easy to feel lonely and overlooked. Bradley recognizes and emphasizes the importance of strong communication in relationships and encourages himself and others to be their best versions. It can be difficult to embody your authentic self, but everyone deserves the opportunity to put yourself out there and to be recognized for who they truly are. For those struggling with their self-esteem, are in a transitional period in life, have difficulties setting boundaries, or are simply seeking a listening ear: Bradley is a great choice for creative and collaborative therapy. He is well suited to working with diverse populations, ranging from teens to adults, and can be resourceful for those who are new to counseling and for those seeking psycho-education.

    Bradley is a Masters student attending Southern Adventist University. He is working towards his degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is now fulfilling the internship component of his program. He obtained his Bachelors in Family Systems Psychology and intends to obtain licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist in the future.

    Educational Background

    • Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Southern Adventist University Expected: December 2024 
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Family Systems Psychology, Minor in Religious Studies at Southern Adventist University | 2020

    More About Bradley

    Throughout his undergraduate program, Bradley spent a lot of his time forging relationships with his peers. He regularly cooked for his dorm mates, advocated for improvements to the campus experience, and offered guidance through different leadership groups, such as by leading the Resident Assistants as a Student Dean and serving as a Graduate Student Advisor. After graduating, he went on to work in a clinical setting, supervising and mentoring children and adolescents. He has a strong passion for working with others and putting their needs first. 

    Bradley is originally from Jamaica but has spent most of his life growing up across America’s East Coast before moving to Texas a few years ago. In his downtime, he enjoys creative writing, listening to music, cooking for his spouse, and traveling in search of unique experiences.


    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Humanistic Therapy

    Interpersonal Therapy

    Person Centered Therapy

    Solution-Focused Therapy


    Young Adults/Adults Boundaries

    Career Counseling


    Coping Skills


    Effective Communication

    Grief & Loss 

    Life Transitions

    Narrative Reframing

    Relationship Building

    Stress Management

    Time Management & Scheduling