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    We can collaborate to meet your needs!

    Supervision for Licensed Professional Counselor Associates

    2023 Note: At this time I’m only considering LPC-A’s who want to work as independent contractors for Minds In Action Counseling. This is a 1099 collaboration and they must have a transition mindset to private practice, preferably coming from a school, rehab, hospital, non-profit setting to sustain the uncertainty and speed of building a full private-practice caseload.  Send me an email to explore this opportunity.

    My experience serving others spans over 20 years as a Teacher, School Counselor, and the last 15-plus years as a Therapist exclusively in Private Practice. I have treated clients of all ages from 18 months to late 60’s, with a wide variety of presenting concerns.

    Supervision for Registered Play Therapists

    You’re a Professional in your field and currently specializing in this modality to better treat children and their parents. My experience using Child-Centered Play Therapy and Humanistic SandTray Therapy go back to 2008. I have treated thousands of children over the years with presenting concerns, such as anxiety, depression, cognitive delays, behavioral problems, attachment issues, divorce reaction, ADHD, grief, trauma and more. Due to my strong belief in the use of Play Therapy to help children and their families, I volunteered my time in the Rio Grande Valley Chapter of The Texas Play Therapy Association as a Board Member and President.

    Graduate Students

    You are working hard in your classes, usually juggling a job, family and schoolwork. Maybe you need an interview for your class, a short-term site to get some hours done or simply guidance from someone “who’s been there”. With a high adherence to the Ethics Code, we can work together to create a project in which you can get some experience if your needs and my setting match.

    Licensed Professionals

    You would like to practice in-person or via Telehealth and want to be in a collaborative space with other professionals? Then this is the place for you! Please contact me for a private consultation to review your professional needs. Join the Team!

    Looking for a Presenter for Mental Health Topics?

    Maribel is an engaging and dynamic presenter with experience in a wide variety of topics. Let’s collaborate to meet your needs depending on your goals or audience. Presentations and interviews can be done in English and Spanish!

    Topics for radio or TV interviews: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Couples, Relationships, and Parenting

    • Presentations for your office staff are also available, we can tailor presentation for your specific needs
    • The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work
    • Techniques to Increase the Father-Child Attachment
    • Stress Management
    • Using Emotional Coaching Techniques-an Introduction to Effective Parenting
    • An Involved Father: A Safeguard for Girls
    • I’m Not for Hurting-Using Play Therapy Skills in the Treatment of Trauma in Children
    • Enhancing Client Expression and Healing Through the Use of Sand Tray Therapy: Using Sand Tray with Client who Resist, Block and Avoid, From Tweens to Adults
    • Expressive Play Therapy: An Overview of Creative Art Techniques to Promote Self-Awareness in Clients
    • Introduction to Play Therapy
    • Using Sand Tray Therapy with Adolescents, Adults, and Families
    • The ABC’s of Child Centered Play Therapy Themes
    • Understanding, Processing and Addressing the Play Themes in Child Centered Play Therapy
    • The Portable Play Therapist: Activities to Use Outside the Playroom
    • Yes, We Can Play! Play Therapy Interventions with teen clients
    • Other topics upon request