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  • Licensed Professional Counselor Interns- You’re excited, your intern license came in and now you’re deciding to work for a school, agency, private practice or a combination of those sites. Finding an LPC-Supervisor you connect with is essential, feel free to make an appointment to review your needs and discover if we are a good fit.  I have treated clients of all ages from 18 months to late 60’s with a wide variety of presenting concerns.  My experience serving others spans almost 20 years, as a Teacher, School Counselor and the last 12-plus years as a Therapist exclusively in Private Practice.  I know how to grow a busy and exciting practice from scratch and I’m happy to pay it forward supervising up and coming Professionals.
  • Registered Play Therapists- You’re a Professional in your field and currently specializing in this modality to better treat children and their parents. My experience using Child-Centered Play Therapy and Humanistic Sand-Tray Therapy go back to 2008.  I have treated thousands of children over the years, with presenting concerns such as anxiety, depression, cognitive delays, behavioral problems, attachment issues, divorce reaction, ADHD, grief, trauma and more.  Due to my strong belief in the use of Play Therapy to help children and their families, I volunteered my time in the Rio Grande Valley Chapter of The Texas Play Therapy Association as a Board Member and President.
  • Graduate Students-You are working hard in your classes, usually juggling a job, family and schoolwork. Maybe you need an interview for your class, a short-term site to get some hours done or simply guidance from someone “who’s been there”.  With a high adherence to the Ethics Code, we can work together to create a project in which you can get some experience if your needs and my setting match.
  • Coming Soon…

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s), via E-Learning in Progress. Check back soon! (later in 2020)

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