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  • Biosound® Therapy

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    “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies” 
    -Albert Einstein-

    The Biosound® Therapy System utilizes precisely choreographed music that is synchronized with low frequency sine tones and binaural beats. Binaural beats are pure tones with similar pitches played together with each tone sent to a different ear. The combination of music, vibrations and binaural beats induces a theta level meditative state in most people within 15 minutes. This can help produce intuition, creativity, and strong emotional connections, as well as lower stress and anxiety levels.

    • Binaural beats induce a theta level meditative state
    • Low frequency vibrations trigger a natural relaxation response
    • Coherent heart rhythm patterns synchronize the body
    • Positive affirmations develop mindfulness and awareness

    Biosound® Therapy Can Reduce Symptoms

    Biosound® Therapy’s brain-based whole-body wellness delivers healing sound frequencies with deep resonant vibrations that are felt in every cell of your body. The vibrations are choreographed with the music, so the client not only hears the music, but also feels it!

    Our Services

    Biosound Therapy Appointment

    $80 50 minute session Includes binaural beats and healing frequencies sound massage, guided meditation, and video content.

    First Time Client Session

    $39 50 minute session Come try Biosound Therapy! Special price for new clients

    Buy 3 sessions get 1 Free

    $240 50 minutes sessions Total of 4 Biosound sessions. Book your first appointment and schedule the rest at your convenience.

    Mind At Ease Membership

    $199 monthly 4 sessions per month May be shared with household members. No roll-over

    About Biosound® Healing Therapy

    Biosound® Healing Therapy works by inducing a theta level meditative state through binaural beats coordinated with coherent heart rhythm patterns to synchronize the body’s nervous system. The system also relieves your pain by creating deep resonant vibrational tones and triggers a natural relaxation response via low harmonic frequencies. Finally, positive affirmations develop your mindfulness and general awareness. No other healing therapy system brings you all these key benefits in a single platform.