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  • Mariyah Hussain

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    Mariyah Hussain
    UT Dallas Student

    Biosound Tech & Internship Program Member

     Email: [email protected]

    Mariyah is a senior Psychology student at The University of Texas at Dallas with a minor in Creative Writing, and will be graduating in May 2025. She is planning on going to graduate school in Counseling Psychology.

    At Minds in Action Counseling, she works closely with our team as a Biosound Therapy Technician, also helping with administrative work and creating info-graphics for social media. 

    In the past, Mariyah has worked in preschool, emergency room, and pre-hospital settings, along with doing administrative work in psychiatry clinics, and her experience in patient care and working with children collectively add to her passion for pursuing a career in the mental health field and working with families. 

    Mariyah was born in Canada, and moved to Texas when she was ten years old. Outside of work, she enjoys journaling, reading, gardening, painting, and spending time with her loved ones and cat named Fox. Mariyah is also bilingual in English and Urdu.