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  • Premarital

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    Congratulations on your engagement!

    Welcome to Prepare/Enrich

    Our goal is to empower couples with objective insights that enhance their relationships. Our research-based assessments and counseling aim to provide you and your partner with valuable skills to nurture a thriving relationship.

    For those in the early stages of dating or engagement, our assessment offers personality insights and a deeper understanding of your evolving relationship dynamics. This knowledge facilitates open discussions on sensitive topics, fostering a healthy foundation.

    Even for married couples, our assessment provides an opportunity to deepen your bond and rekindle passion. As values and dynamics evolve, the assessment offers fresh insights, guiding you to be better support systems and lovers.

    Types of Assessments:

    1. Prepare and Enrich Standard:
      Assessing satisfaction levels in 12 relationship categories, from commitment to family systems, providing comprehensive insights into your relationship dynamics.
    2. Prepare and Enrich Checkup:
      Focusing on six relationship categories, including spiritual beliefs and personality, offering targeted insights for ongoing growth.

    Benefits of Prepare/Enrich Counseling:

    • Increase self, partner, and overall relationship awareness.
    • Gain insights into your relationship dynamics.
    • Initiate important conversations and discussions.
    • Reduce the chances of divorce.

    Who Would Benefit:

    All couples, regardless of relationship stage, can benefit. Whether considering marriage or decades into marriage, our counseling delivers numerous advantages.

    Veronica Petty LPC is dedicated to preparing and enriching your relationship. She will conduct the Prepare/Enrich assessment, guiding you through results and offering personalized insights. Ready to experience an enriching relationship? Schedule your Prepare/Enrich Counseling appointment today!