How do I raise an emotionally intelligent child?

Parents request skills to effectively guide their children without resorting to harsh parenting styles, which includes yelling, control, and even corporal punishment. As science advances, we know more about the importance of expressing and regulating emotions in healthy child development, and how it determines the child’s happiness and success in life.

Dr. John Gottman and his team conducted ground-breaking research on the topic of parenting, resulting in his popular book: “Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids: The Heart of Parenting”. Using “Emotional Coaching” skills helps children increase their emotional intelligence.

Parenting Skills

Emotional Coaching Parents…

  • Understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence,
  • Recognize, respond to, and validate what their child feels,
  • Express and understand empathy,
  • Are aware of their child’s emotions,
  • Recognize emotions as opportunities to connect,
  • Help their children verbalize and label emotions,
  • Set limits and problem-solve with their children,
  • Don’t use criticism, defensiveness, contempt or stonewalling to control behaviors.

Maribel has worked with children as young as toddlers to adolescents, in many settings, including: daycares, preschools, elementary schools, high schools, juvenile system, children removed by child-protective services, single and two parent homes, adoptive homes, children being cared for by grandparents, and in foster care. She has treated children with cognitive, learning, developmental, behavioral, and emotional challenges, as well as children facing grief, anxiety, depression, divorce reaction, adjustments, and trauma.

She is dedicated to helping parents increase their skills and ensure strong-attachment, an effective parenting style, so children can thrive in a nurturing environment.  The parenting we received doesn’t dictate how you parent now. Learn the latest researched-based approaches!

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