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  • Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

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    CPRT is a play therapy-based intervention that focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship…

    …while addressing children’s behavioral, emotional, social, and attachment disorders. CPRT is an evidence-based treatment program that consists of 10 weekly, 2-hour group sessions with 5-8 parents. We can also provide modifications of this approach as needed to work with parents/caregivers individually or to address specialized concerns.

    Throughout the program, parents/caregivers will learn parenting skills and techniques from a trained play therapist, to effectively communicate with their children and understand their emotional and behavioral needs.

    Child-Parent Relationship Therapy may be beneficial to you if you:

    • Struggle to understand your child’s emotions and behaviors
    • Feel frustrated with your child’s behaviors
    • Are searching for ways to support your child’s socio-emotional development
    • Want to strengthen the quality of the parent-child attachment bond
    • Want to provide more opportunities for your children to thrive both socially and emotionally
    • Struggle with responding to your child’s difficult behaviors
    • Feel out of control in interactions with your child
    • Want to gain support from other parents in the community
    • Want to feel closer to your child

    During CPRT, parents/caregivers learn and practice skills to respond to their child’s underlying needs to address symptoms. Parents/caregivers also learn to effectively limit their child’s misbehavior. In CPRT, parents/caregivers implement the skills in weekly play sessions with their child and get feedback on their skills from a trained CPRT facilitator. Ultimately, CPRT aims to create a more nurturing, understanding, and connected parent-child bond, while enhancing your child’s emotional and behavioral development.

    Shlomit Oliel LPC-Associate

    Shlomit Oliel MS, LPC-Associate Supervised by Maribel Corona LPC-S, is a compassionate therapist specializing in Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT). With a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics between children and their parents, Shlomit is dedicated to fostering healthy and nurturing connections within families. Shlomit esta formando un grupo de CPRT en español.  

    Dr. Regine Chung

    Dr. Regine Chung is passionate in her work of facilitating evidence-based Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) and Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) to support children presenting with social, emotional, and behavioral concerns. She is also well-versed in integrating expressive and experiential experiences in counseling, to help adult and adolescent clients process their anxiety, attachment and relationship issues and traumatic experiences. Schedule a Discovery Call today to find out more!

    How we can help

    Our team members are trained in researched-based approaches such as Play Therapy and CPRT

    CPRT Parent Group-10 weekly sessions

    CPRT Parent Group-10 weekly sessions

    Live Zoom

    A 10% discount if paid in full on or before first session. *There is a one-time fee of $20 for materials you will use during the course.

    Work with ShlomitDr. Regine Chung, or Flora Lai, LPC they are professionals who received their education at the University of North Texas, the largest Play Therapy training program in the world!

    Parent/s CPRT- a more individualized approach

    Parent/s CPRT- a more individualized approach

    A therapeutic process for an individual parent or couple which helps align their parenting beliefs and practices to optimize their effort and help their children's development. 

    Topics may include exploring their family of origin parenting styles, how beliefs became established and skills to break cycles left behind by their own trauma or past experiences. CPRT concepts are guiding and practiced in this journey!

    Presentations and Trainings

    Presentations and Trainings

    More content to come, stay tuned...

    We offer Play Therapy