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  • Adolescents

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    Teens undergo significant mental, emotional, and physical development

    Navigating transitions, stressors, and seeking independence, they often grapple with self-discovery and may find it challenging to open up. Parents, facing stress themselves, may benefit from a therapist’s guidance in understanding and supporting their teens.

    Teen-specific therapy, interventions, and techniques provided by a mental health professional can offer valuable support during distressing times. Various factors like genetics, age, and gender can impact adolescents’ mental health, exacerbated by school stressors, parental discord, loss, and issues related to sexuality.

    Adolescent therapy aims to address individual needs, including boundary establishment, healthy coping mechanisms, problem-solving, and communication skills. Tailored treatment plans are created through comprehensive intake sessions involving teens, parents, and therapists.

    For more on individual adolescent therapy, schedule a 15-minute discovery call to explore your teen’s goals and needs. Abby, our experienced adolescent counselor, brings over a decade of expertise in supporting children and teens across various settings. Get positive mental health support for your teenager with Minds In Action Counseling.