This is the first blog post which accompanies the launch of my website. The mission to serve clients with the upmost professional standards remain consistent, but service protocols changed, and clients switched over to Telehealth under these circumstances, at least for the time being.

Launching the Minds In Action Counseling website and concept with the added features, and services has been arduous and exciting work. I never imagined it was going to happen during a global pandemic. In the weeks and months ahead, I will be providing information on my blog, share videos and resources to support my clients and others who find me on the website and social media. I am committed to doing my part and contribute to the mental health needs of my community and beyond. I hope you stay in touch for these updates.

My practice focuses on the needs of adult clients in different stages of life. From helping young adults to establish their independence to an older adult becoming a caregiver to a parent and all stages in between. You may be dealing with a relationship problem with your significant other, child, parent, even a friend or supervisor. You may be having a relationship problem with yourself in the form of high self-criticism and low self-esteem. The presenting concerns are too many to list, but usually they manifest in depression, anxiety, irritability, self-sabotaging behaviors, lack of boundaries, fears, control issues, to name a few.

You are looking for supportive, confidential, and effective treatment to help you get over the obstacles which hold you back. Difficulties in regulating your emotions or distorted thoughts keep you stuck, and you are looking to find the right skills to finally feel relief and be able to grow personally.

When developing the Minds In Action Counseling concept, I was thinking about supporting your needs by putting our minds together to understand your feelings, regulate your emotions, target your goals and pursue an effective treatment. Therapy is also dynamic because you will put into practice the learned skills, adopt new beliefs, ways of thinking and behaving to create change and improve your wellbeing. This is how Minds in Action Counseling came to be, a supportive, yet dynamic space to build on your strengths and increase your personal growth.

A place to Feel, Think and Grow!

Another reason to develop the concept is to reach more people. I have been in private practice for over twelve years, plus eight years in the academic, and counseling fields. I am ready to share my skills beyond the office setting, through course creation, added services, videos, blogs, and other media. My private practice has always been busy, and I believe it is time to expand and venture out of my daily routine and reach a wider audience. Please stay tuned for upcoming information and resources as this concept development continues to take shape. I would like to recognize my web developer who added immensely to the concept by offering guidance, ideas, and filling all my technological knowledge gaps. Thank you Rajat Kumar Lastly, I want to thank my family, friends and especially my clients for their kind encouragement and support in this process of professional development to take my skills beyond my office.