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Adult world, here I come!…

You’re a young adult finishing high school or attending college.  You may be deciding your life path and are in the workplace, school or both. Anxiety and depression don’t discriminate based on age group, the stressors of entering the “adult world” can be scary, overwhelming and even paralyzing.  There is a generation gap between you and your parents, which may increase conflict as your worldviews and experiences can be far apart. You may be in a romantic relationship and are learning the interpersonal skills to nurture a healthy dynamic.

Young Adults

You’re officially an adult but…

…must adhere to parents’ expectations or depend on their financial support.  You’re stuck in two worlds and find it difficult to switch from one stage to the next.  One day you’re “kid-like” playing video games or engaged in social media and the next day you’re facing higher academic, work, relationship or life demands which strain your adaptability skills and may  frustrate you or decrease your confidence.  Avoidance is a common reaction and you may appear unmotivated to your family but, you’re simply trying hard to stretch your wings to fly!

Together we can learn effective adaptability, coping and interpersonal skills, to transition to a world which is uncharted for you but may be eager to explore.

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