Tuning In to Your Heartspace Frequency

//Tuning In to Your Heartspace Frequency

Tuning In to Your Heartspace Frequency

For adults, finding a dedicated time for personal self-care can seem appealing but also prove challenging. Work deadlines, family needs, rent payments, news feeds, infomercials, sound bites– all of these voices and demands buzzing in your headspace can leave you feeling ragged, harried, and out of tune.

Information overload, busy schedules, running as fast as you can to keep up– no wonder you may have found yourself running ragged, harried by the noise of the world around you.

In this age of information overload, busy schedules, and constant pressure, who is there to listen to you? Are you even able to listen to yourself? Is your headspace crammed with deadlines, soundbites, news feeds, the voices of your boss, children, or others? Is your heart beating faintly, just waiting for you to take the time to notice it and give it some care?

Making the decision to find a caring therapist can help you tune back in to you, helping to clarify your headspace and align more harmoniously with the true desires of your heart.

Therapy offers a safe and supportive space for you to voice your concerns and begin to clarify your deepest needs and values. You will find yourself growing towards insight, integrity, peace, and resolution, finding the support and coaching to help you cope, gain a balanced perspective, and overcome unhelpful thought or behavior patterns.

How does this happen?

The therapy room and your therapist provide a safe space, or container, if you will, so that what you think, feel, and say are processed privately, without fallout to your relationships or your livelihood. It’s that one time a week when you can be truly you, whether you need to vent out some yuckies, explore something you’re confused or unsettled about, or find healing for past hurts or personal losses. Doing this process helps you get unburdened and unstuck to find the inner strength and integrity to move towards improved relationships with others, yourself, and your work.

With time, you can become less cluttered, less harried, less reactive and more clear, more peaceful, and more deliberate in your thoughts and actions- moving towards your true self with a heart and a head that are strengthened and aligned.


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