Are you adapting to a life stage?

Millennials range from early 20’s to late 30’s in age, stress may come from establishing your independence, climbing the career ladder, a family or parenting situation, having relationship problems, or even becoming a caregiver to a loved one.

You are the first generation to grow up with the constant exposure to the internet and social media there are endless comparison of image, status, or resources. Symptoms of depression and anxiety can increase for many reasons; your family may not be close by, balancing work and personal life is difficult when you’re traveling for work, or you don’t feel you “measure up”.


Establishing yourself and feeling successful is a goal…

…maybe you’re still living at home due to economic reasons and plan to establish yourself soon and the interaction with your family from a different generation is strained.  However mental health is not taboo for you, let’s get started!

Together we can learn to validate how you feel, resolve shame issues caused by the endless comparison we see online or family’s past experiences and build the skills to navigate the interpersonal relationships which increase stress at work, and in your personal life.

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