We have tried counseling before, but we didn’t’ see results?

There are many factors to consider when deciding if counseling worked.  Factors include, how long has the dissatisfaction lasted, has there been betrayal issues, is one of the spouses simply done and this is the last box to check off before a divorce, are there control or abuse issues, the receptiveness of one spouse to participate or take influence from their partner, gridlock issues which spouses are unwilling to compromise on and the list can go on.  No therapist can ethically guarantee results, but we can assure you the skills and knowledge from the Gottman research will be applied to your presenting concerns in a comprehensive treatment plan.  The rest is up to you and your commitment to doing the hard work to improve the underlying causes of your dissatisfaction with the tools you will learn.

Therapy is not easy as many feelings and dynamics will be explored. We will team up to focus on renewing the friendship and trust to improve the areas which bring you to session in a supportive, validating environment.

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