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Did you know the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart?…

Certified HeartMath Practitioner provides Biofeedback services- beneficial in treating anxiety, depression, trauma and more  

What the heart signals can have a significant impact on your brain’s function, influencing your memory, emotions, perception, and problem-solving abilities. Learning the relationship between the heart and brain, and with the use of biofeedback, you can begin to modify the way your body functions, improving your overall well-being. You begin to feel more in control of your health and wellness, in a non-invasive form of therapy.

So, what is biofeedback? It is a technique where electronic monitoring is used to help train you to control certain bodily processes that are typically happening involuntarily, such as heart rate and muscle tension. Biofeedback has proven to be beneficial in the relief of many issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia, headaches, ADHD, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. There are different variations of biofeedback therapy, but it is believed the key to successful biofeedback therapy is relaxation. ‘Minds In Action Counseling’ provides an opportunity for you to relax with the use of HeartMath®.

The HeartMath® Institute has over 25 years of research showing the connection between the heart and brain, and how one’s thoughts and behaviors are impacted by different patterns of heart activity. Nearly 12,000 individuals across 400 peer-reviewed studies have cited improvements in emotional and mental well-being after using HeartMath® training and technology. HeartMath® provides a set of tools that make positive emotional and attitudinal shifts easier in reaching coherence – harmony in both the psychological and physiological processes (mind-body).

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Abby Zandevakili is a HeartMath® Certified Practitioner for Stress, Anxiety and Emotional regulation

About Abby

Abby can work with you in a variety of ways:

1. Biofeedback as a standalone therapy- A  4 or 8 session program including:

Session 1-Intake

      • Complete a baseline assessment to determine what area(s) we will focus on
      • Identify your goals and create a plan for improving coherence
      • Gain education on the physiology of stress, the role of emotions, heart-rate variability, coherence, and its benefits
      • Learn and practice your first technique

HeartMath Intro Package $389

      • Session 1-Intake
      • Plus Sessions 2-4
      • Identify depleting emotions that impact health and well-being
      • Neutralize and replace stressful emotions that deplete health, and mental and emotional resilience
      • Shift emotional and physiological dynamics that may be exacerbating medical conditions
      • Increase your ability to think more clearly and find more efficient solutions to problems
      • Increase your amount of time spent in coherence
      • Establish a new psychophysiological baseline
      • Develop a personal plan for continued use of skills

Committed Package $689

      • Session 1-Intake
      • Sessions 2-4
      • Plus Sessions 5-8
      • Review how to utilize your newly learned skills and how to maintain what you have gained
      • Further increase the amount of time you’re able to sustain coherence
      • Explore applications of techniques in your daily life
      • Consistent use of HeartMath™ techniques allows you to gain greater control over your physiological responses to stress and anxiety, which increases your resilience and ability to regulate emotions in future stress- and anxiety-inducing situations.

2.  Incorporating Biofeedback in your psychotherapy sessions:

While working on individualized therapy goals, you will have the ability to view and track your heart activity to reach a coherence state for self-regulation.

3. Biofeedback activity:

Biofeedback activity (5-10 minutes) can be added during your Biosound® Therapy session.  Discover how Biosound® Therapy helps calm your nervous system by incorporating Biofeedback, Sound Therapy, Binaural beats, Meditation, and Resonant vibrational massage

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) reflects the ability to adapt effectively to stress and environmental demands.

By using the tools and techniques, clients may gain a greater self-regulation, a new perspective and start to look for and find more coherent solutions to past ineffective thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

This protocol is designed for those clients who will be meeting with the clinician over several sessions to reduce the stress associated with: chronic or acute, situational conditions. In general, we recommend four or five sessions for acute conditions and five to eight sessions for chronic conditions. After an initial 45- to 60-minute session, each subsequent session is 30 to 45 minutes. Sessions can be conducted over a few days or once or twice a week until goals are reached.

HeartMath™ Interventions are non-invasive techniques to help manage stress, revitalize energy, restore mental and emotional balance, and help build resiliency. Technology will display your heart rhythm, measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV), indicating how emotional states are affecting your nervous system and how you feel. HRV offers a unique look into the quality of communication between the heart and brain, which directly impacts how you feel and perform.

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