You’re looking to feel better and…

…may be considering therapy for many reasons. Maybe you’re experiencing an abrupt or even painful life change and you’re having a tough time coping.  Perhaps you’ve experienced chronic anxiety or depression symptoms, life difficulties, or a pattern of situations which seem bigger than your abilities. Sometimes those around you are not equipped to help or may be part of the dynamic and thus you’re searching for a professional to give you confidential and expert perspective on how to address your challenges.


You are capable to handle your problems but…

…doing so over time has exhausted you emotionally, your tolerance and patience is compromised.  You’re stuck in the same situation and you simply have a hard time accepting or adapting to what is in front of you and wish to increase your coping skills to manage all your commitments.

Maribel has worked with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, stressed family systems, and more.  She works from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to help clients identify their thoughts and behavior patterns which keep them stuck in the same cycle of emotional dissatisfaction.

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